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2009 Environmental, Energy and Land Use Public Act Summaries

October 6, 2009

Authors: Matthew Ranelli

Please clck on the "Download Full PDF" link above to view the brief summaries of selected 2009 Public and Special Acts that affect the environment, energy, or land use issues in a direct or significant way. The summaries are not legal interpretations or advice and should not be construed or represented as such. Also, not all provisions of the Public or Special Acts are included in the summaries. Acts vetoed by the Governor are marked "vetoed" and do not take effect unless the veto was "overruled" by the Legislature. Many Public Acts are effective October 1. These Acts are marked with an asterisk ("*") in the Table of Contents.

For convenience in the version of this document:
• the Public or Special Act number at the beginning of each summary is linked to a General Assembly website for the text of the Act; and
• the Bill History for each Act is available by clicking on "Bill Status" at the beginning of each summary.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Legislative Research ("OLR") for its bill and Public Act summaries and the Legislative Commissioner's office for providing assistance and materials that was useful in compiling the Public or Special Act summaries. The summaries are not a substitute for the Public Acts. They are meant to be reference tools, not substitutes for the text. The Public Acts are available online from the Connecticut General Assembly's website (  

If you would like additional information on any 2009 Public or Special Act, or have suggestions or comments regarding this newsletter, please contact Matt Ranelli at (860) 251-5748 or e-mail at You may also contact members of Shipman & Goodwin's Environmental, Energy and Land Use Group by calling (860) 251-5000 or by visiting our website at

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