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CMS Proposes to Extend the 3-Day DRG Window to Hospital-Owned and Hospital-Operated Physician Practices

August 4, 2011

Authors: Joan W. Feldman, Vincenzo Carannante, William J. Roberts

In CMS’ proposed 2012 Medicare physician fee update, CMS suggests applying the DRG payment window policy to hospital-owned or hospital-operated  physician practices (but not those that are provider-based).  Under the proposed rule, all outpatient diagnostic services as well as emergency room, outpatient surgery and observation services related to a subsequent admission, and provided by the hospital 3 days prior to admission, will be subject to the DRG payment window policy.  For example, if any of the above listed services were provided 3 days prior to an inpatient admission to a hospital and have a professional and technical component, CMS proposed that it only pay the professional component for the service.  If there is not a professional/technical split, then CMS will only pay the facility rate for the pre-admission service.  In other words, CMS will treat the service like a hospital outpatient service paying physicians lower fees, taking into account that the hospital is paying the physician overhead expense. (Note that the window is 1 day for inpatient rehabilitation, psychiatric, long-term care and children’s hospitals.) As hospitals consider various models for hospital and physician collaborations, they should keep their eye on reimbursement issues like this one.

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