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Connecticut Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

Data Trace Publishing Company (1995), supplement 2005

December 2009

Authors: Louis B. Schatz

This LLC Forms and Practice Manual is the leading treatise on Connecticut limited liability company law. Written for accountants, lawyers and business persons, the Manual sets out Connecticut LLC law in practical terms. It is divided into 14 chapters which deal with the major areas of LLC law as follows:

Chapter One


Chapter Two

Formation and Organization

Chapter Three

The Operating Agreement

Chapter Four


Chapter Four A

Single-Member LLCS

Chapter Five

Limited Liability Company Capital

Chapter Six

Allocation and Distribution Provisions

Chapter Seven

Management Provisions

Chapter Eight

Transfer and Buy-Sell Provisions

Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten

Books, Records, and Accounting

Chapter Eleven

Reorganization of the LLC

Chapter Twelve

Doing Interstate Business

Chapter Thirteen

Professional Limited Liability Companies

Chapter Fourteen

State and Local Tax Issues

Published by the Data Trace Publishing Company, the Manual is available for $239.90 (two-volume manual plus forms disc) plus 14.50 shipping by calling Data Trace at 410-494-4994.

For information on obtaining Mr. Schatz's book or additional publications, visit the Data Trace Publishing Company web site at

Practice Areas

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