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Summary of PPACA Grants, Demonstration Projects and Other Funding Opportunities

May 21, 2010

Public Law 111-148, entitled “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (the “PPACA”) is, in large part, best understood by reviewing the number and type of funding initiatives and programs it creates to address perceived deficiencies in health care and reformulate the model for delivery of health care services. Many of the programs and projects will begin almost immediately and thus, require that states and providers alike be prepared to position themselves in what will likely be a contest for the funds and opportunities. The purpose of the following summary is to inform you of the many projects and programs available under PPACA so that you can be prepared for the opportunities as they arise. Those providers and community health organizations that are proactive rather than reactive will likely benefit the most. There are also opportunities for providers to partner and collaborate with or without local and state government to deliver the models of care that the Federal government has legislated.

We have organized the summary by recipient and subject matter and then by the size of the entitlement. For further reference to the cited sections, the attached pdf contains a link to a complete copy of the PPACA. In the attached tables, there are also live links to the specific pages referred to in each section.

To download the summary of grants and opportunities, please click here.

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