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An Ounce of Prevention... Tips for Avoiding and Surviving a Software Audit

November 3, 2008

Authors: Patrick M. Fahey, Susan S. Murphy

What software is on your company's computer system? Is it licensed? What are the terms of that license? How many copies have been made? How many employees are given access to the software? Are company employees downloading from the Internet? Are there clear guidelines and policies in place for the use of the company computer system? The Business Software Alliance ("BSA") may be asking your company these questions and many more as part of its increasing anti-piracy efforts on behalf of its member companies. The best defense against claims of copyright infringement by the BSA is a good offense, however, and there are strategies that your company can implement to minimize the chances of finding itself in costly litigation. Read about some of these strategies by clicking on the link above and downloading a printable pdf.

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