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IDEA Screening Not Always Imperative During 504 Referral Process

Special Ed Connection

September 8, 2006

Experts differ on whether you should conduct a learning disability screening as part of your procedures for Section 504-eligible students who have not been evaluated for special education services under the IDEA.

Since Section 504 is a general education law, which is funded with general education funding, districts often involve more general education staff in their 504 meetings. And it isn't always necessary to require a special education teacher at the meetings.

Julie C. Fay, an attorney with Shipman and Goodwin LLP in Connecticut, recommends you keep the processes for Section 504- and IDEA-eligible students separate, since there are distinctions between the requirements and procedures under both. Fay recommends under the Section 504 process you:

  • Refer the student through a 504 team meeting.
  • Send a notice to the family of the meeting.
  • Invite 504 team members who are knowledgeable about the student.
  • Convene to evaluate whether the child meets 504 eligibility standards.

"Districts should develop a Section 504 meeting form to briefly record what was discussed," she said. "I suggest a checklist reminder of the eligibility standards under 504 as well as a Section 504 plan. This plan should be reviewed periodically -- which may be annually, or more frequently, if the student's needs or placement undergo significant changes."

Bruce Goldstein, an attorney with Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher in Buffalo, New York, however, recommends the 504 team refer the student into the IDEA process if staffers suspect a learning disability.
If the student isn't eligible under the IDEA, he should be referred back to the 504 process, Goldstein said.

Jay Kravetz covers special education issues for LRP Publications.

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