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Organized Crime: The Impact of Corruption and Terrorism on the Rule of Law and Public/Private Business

International Bar Association Annual Meeting

October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008
Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center
San Martín 1225
C1104 AKC Buenos Aires, Argentina

Speaker at the International Bar Association Annual Meeting.

Aided by globalization and the technological ability to move rapidly money, people, and trade, prolific and tenacious organized criminals and terrorist groups have diversified and have gained the mobility to respond to conditions unfavorable to their operations. Criminal organizations and terrorists have increased cooperation worldwide, and, in many nations, organized crime controls economic and governmental organizations with impunity. Corruption and terrorism perpetrated by these groups undermine democracy and the rule of law, influence policy making, reduce accountability, and intimidate the civil society.

What elements allow transnational crime to persist? What role does foreign cooperation have in combating organized crime? What impact do corruption and terrorism have on the rule of law and the conduct of business?

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