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Raising the Bar: A Bench Bar Symposium on Professionalism in the Judicial District of Hartford

Hartford County Bar Association in Collaboration with the Connecticut Bar Association and State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

November 7, 2008

November 7, 2008
Hartford Superior Court
Hartford, CT

James will serve as a panelist on Civil Practice. The following topics will be discussed during this breakout session: 

• The Bench’s perspective: Courtroom demeanor today—what works and what does not work?
• Private defense attorney’s perspective on effective, professional prosecution.
• Public defender’s perspective on effective, professional prosecution.
• Prosecutor’s perspective on effective, professional defense.
• What can the Bench and Bar do to encourage and enhance civility, ethical behavior, and competence in criminal practice?
• What can and should be done to promote pro bono service by the criminal practice bar?         

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