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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Presentation to the South Windsor Board of Education High School and Elementary Special Education staff.

August 29. 2006

August 29. 2006
South Windsor Town Hall
South Windsor, CT

True or False?

  1. Section 504 and the IDEA share the same purpose. 

  2. The definition of a disability is the same under IDEA and Section 504.  

  3. Any student with ADHD is eligible for special education.  

  4. Any student with ADHD is eligible under Section 504. 

  5. Section 504 students are entitled to the same disciplinary protections as IDEA-eligible students. 

  6. Section 504 applies to extracurricular activities.

    7.   Teachers can be personally liable for failing to implement a Section 504 
          accommodation plan.

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