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The Federal Stimulus Package: Simmering but ready to boil

Fairfield County Business Journal

March 16, 2009

Authors: Barry C. Hawkins, Timothy S. Hollister, Kent S. Nevins

One might say that the $787 billion stimulus package known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, gives new meaning to the term “information overload.” The details are unending; even the shortest summaries coming out of Senator Dodd’s office and private consulting groups are in the 40-to-80 page range.

But make sense of it we must, or at least the federal government is demanding that the money flow quickly—a relative term, of course—and recipients, custodians, overseers, and beneficiaries must promptly identify the programs that apply to them and figure out what the money may be used for, how to get it, and how quickly it needs to be spent.

This article provides a brief overview of what we in Connecticut know and do not know, as of mid- March, about the portions of the bill affecting public infrastructure, public works, energy, and education.

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