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Labor and Employment Spring Seminar: 2016 Public Sector Legal Update

March 17, 2016
8:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST

Speakers: Anne H. Littlefield, Thomas B. Mooney, Christopher E. Engler, Peter J. Maher, Leander A. Dolphin, Linda L. Yoder, Gabriel J. Jiran, Rebecca Rudnick Santiago, Jessica L. Ritter, Jarad M. Lucan, Jessica Richman Smith, Kevin M. Roy

March 17, 2016
8:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST

Sheraton Hartford South Hotel
100 Capital Boulevard
Rocky Hill, CT  06067

Please note that due to overwhelming demand, registration is no longer available. If you would like to be added to
our waiting list, please contact:

Jade Tarca
Tel: (800) 585-0331 

Join us for our annual spring seminar for public sector clients and friends, when we will address issues facing school districts, municipalities and other government agencies. The program begins with a plenary session covering a timely topic, followed by a choice of two breakout sessions allowing for issue discussion in a small setting.

Plenary Session:

Put Out That Fire! A Crash Course in Crisis Management and Media Response Communications
Thomas B. Mooney, Kevin M. Roy, Christopher E. Engler and Melika S. Forbes and Guest Speaker, Dean Pagani of McDowell Jewett Communications

In times of crisis, organizations are under extreme pressure to mitigate potentially damaging outcomes, often with limited resources and little or no time. This session will provide attendees with the tools necessary to deal with crisis situations promptly and effectively, while minimizing risk to the organization. Panelists will share best practices for preemptive planning, damage control and decisive execution, as well as tips gleaned from the experience of others. Topics include:

  • Working with the media
  • Preparing a response plan
  • Striking the balance between protecting confidentiality and providing transparency
  • Deciding when “no comment” isn’t good enough
  • Avoiding common errors and resolving them when they occur

Breakout Sessions (choose two upon registration):  

Threat Assessment: Rethinking Security in Our Schools and Workplaces
Lisa Banatoski Mehta and Peter J. Maher

Threats of violence are a growing concern for employers, and the need to maintain a secure workplace is paramount. This session will offer a comprehensive assessment of workplace security risks and discuss the importance of having an effective emergency preparedness and response plan in times of workplace violence. Topics include:

  • Identifying and assessing security and violence risks
  • Adopting codes of conduct and policies to facilitate appropriate behavior
  • Prevention strategies as well as tips for promptly detecting and responding to incidents
  • Developing an emergency preparedness and response plan

Title IX Compliance for Schools: How to Avoid Becoming Tomorrow’s News
Leander A. Dolphin, Linda L. Yoder and Ashley L. Marshall

Schools are confronted almost daily with high-profile stories of legal battles and large penalties as a result of sexual harassment and sex discrimination claims. This session will explore the nuances of Title IX and offer best practices for investigation of and response to claims under Title IX. Topics include:

  • Defining student-to-student sex discrimination, including discrimination based on gender identity
  • Responding to the initial complaint of student-on-student sexual harassment, violence, or discrimination
  • The Dos and Don’ts of investigating a complaint of sex discrimination involving students
  • When the investigation is over: Intervention strategies for students who have been harassed

Trending Topics in Public Sector Negotiations: Staying Ahead of the Curve
Gabriel J. Jiran, Rebecca R. Santiago and Anthony R. Shannon

The bargaining table can be unpredictable. In this session, presenters will provide insight on issues that have permeated recent negotiations and explain how they have been resolved. Topics include:

  • Affordable Care Act and its impact on collective bargaining
  • Experiences and current trends regarding High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts
  • State Partnership Plan 2.0
  • Defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans
  • Summary of recent settlements and/or arbitration awards

Off Duty, Off Limits? Discipline and Discharge for Off-Duty Misconduct
Jessica L. Ritter, Jarad M. Lucan and Jessica Richman Smith

Management may clearly regulate an employee’s conduct while on duty; however, the right of an employer to regulate an employee’s conduct away from the employer’s facility will depend on a variety of factors. Topics include:

  • Limitations on using off-duty conduct as a basis of discipline
  • Investigating off-duty conduct
  • Off-duty misconduct and social media

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