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Data Privacy, Security and Regulatory Compliance

Available for: Public Schools, Independent Schools and Colleges and Universities

This training will examine current data privacy, data security and regulatory compliance issues as well as review the importance of working with IT Departments to implement effective and comprehensive security programs.  For public institutions, the requirements of document production under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) will also be discussed.  Participants will receive guidance on topics including:

  • An overview of relevant statutes regarding data breach and record retention
  • A review of which electronic documents/records must be maintained and how to maintain them
  • Key regulatory requirements for safeguarding personal information
  • Conducting an audit
  • How to work effectively with IT Departments to develop a system that will assist in complying with the relevant laws

For more information and to schedule your on-site training, please contact: Leander Dolphin at or Julie Fay at

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