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Defense of Police Chiefs and Senior Police Officials in Civil Rights Action

City Police Chiefs and Other Senior Police Officers

Represented three former city police chiefs and other senior police officers in defense of federal civil rights suits alleging retaliation for alleged participation in federal corruption probe of the city police department.  Obtained dismissal of all claims against all but six individual defendants prior to trial and dismissal of all counts against those six defendants except the claim of first amendment retaliation.  Plaintiff withdrew case as to one individual defendant during trial.  Following a jury trial, three defendants obtained defense verdicts following the jury trial.  The verdict and punitive damage award against one defendant was vacated post-trial in a motion for judgment as a matter of law.  The verdict and punitive damage award against the remaining defendant was vacated by the district court following appeal and settlement of the plaintiff’s claims against the city bared an intervening decision by the United States Supreme Court in another case that vindicated defendant's claim that a jury instruction sought by defendants should have been given.


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