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Representation of City on Claims Based on Ground Lease Agreement, Leading to Freedom of Information Appeals and Two Appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2d Circuit

City of Hartford, Connecticut

Represented the City of Hartford in actions against developers who constructed and operated two large office buildings in Hartford on long-term ground leases from the City. Several years after the buildings were built, the City asserted that the developers had not paid the City the amounts that they should have under the lease agreements. A 119-page complaint was filed in federal court under seal (because of previous confidentiality agreements executed by the City). The matter was settled approximately six months later for $24,000,000, including restructured leases, and the entry of a Confidentiality Order sealing the record and the City's files. The Hartford Courant intervened shortly after the settlement, and representation of the City continued in opposition to the newspaper’s efforts to obtain access to documents underlying the suit. Case involved two appeals to the Second Circuit and numerous proceedings at the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. City of Hartford v. Chase, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 942 F. 2d 130 (1991).


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