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Student and Faculty Misconduct and Professional Boundaries

Available for: Independent Schools and Colleges and Universities

This training will identify and explore the legal and practical issues related to interactions among faculty and staff and with students. We will explore and define various types of student and faculty misconduct, including harassment, bullying and abuse and discuss the importance of maintaining appropriate professional boundaries across settings as educators interact with students in their roles as teacher, mentor, coach, etc.  In this workshop, we will engage in discussion about potential “gray” areas, such as electronic communication or being alone with students and schools will gain insight on when and how to respond to allegations of wrongdoing by students or employees. Topics include:

  • Communications in and outside of the classroom (including social media)
  • Bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Student supervision
  • Boundaries of the teacher/student, teacher/parent, student/student relationship
  • Sexual abuse and harassment
  • Mandated reporting
  • Effective school policies
  • Investigation best practices 
  • Investigation of claims of past abuse/harassment
  • Confidentiality and privacy issues

For more information and to schedule your on-site training, please contact: Leander Dolphin at or Julie Fay at

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