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Hair Salons and Barbershops: Connecticut Phase I Reopening Rules

May 12, 2020

  • Permitted services include only the following: hairdressing and eyebrows (nothing that would require removal of a facemask, e.g., beard trimming, lip waxing, etc.)
  • Customers may be seen by appointment only: ask customers to wait in cars until appointment time
  • Waiting rooms must be closed
  • Employees must wear face shields in addition to face masks. Gloves are optional unless employee is using cleaning chemicals.
  • Implement contactless payment
  • Disinfect shampoo bowls/faucets, workstations and tools between customers and ensure employees do not share equipment
  • Launder linens and capes with aggressive detergents, dry thoroughly and store in closed cabinets
  • Create discrete work zones: arrange chairs so work spaces are six feet apart and install physical barriers where possible
  • Limit verbal communication when within six feet to the extent possible
  • Close or remove non-essential amenities such as magazines, water and coffee machines, and coat rooms. Install touchless appliances where possible

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