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Joe Williams quoted in CT Law Tribune article, "Used-Car Dealership's Case Stalls in Supreme Court"

Attorneys say ruling signals change in ‘practical confiscation' zoning cases

Connecticut Law Tribune

February 22, 2016

Joseph Williams, has been quoted in a Connecticut Law Tribune piece about an eight-year legal case involving the city of Meriden and a used-car dealership that may crate a change in 'practical confiscation' zoning cases. The Supreme Court ruled that the dealership was not entitled to develop a used car lot on a parcel zoned for other uses.

Joe was quoted as saying this ruling “presents a clear confluence of constitutional and zoning law with regard to takings on one hand and a variance as practical confiscation on the other hand.”  He followed by agreeing that courts will show less deference to zoning boards in practical confiscation cases, saying that future ZBA decisions will receive an “exacting level of scrutiny.” 

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