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Labor Relations

Our firm's labor practice originated with the representation of many of Connecticut's major manufacturers in union organizing campaigns and collective bargaining more than fifty years ago. We still work with many unionized employers, and assist in the negotiation of dozens of collective bargaining agreements each year. While the decline of manufacturing in the northeast has reduced the number of bargaining units in the industrial sector of our economy, the rise of unionization in the service sector has more than made up the difference.

In addition, since the passage of legislation in the 1960s authorizing collective bargaining by state and local government employees in Connecticut, we have developed what is widely regarded as the premier public sector labor relations practice in the state. Our representation of local and regional public school districts is so extensive that we have created a school law practice group to focus on those clients.

Our services to employers facing union-related issues involve matters such as: 

    • Union organizing campaigns and representation elections 
    • Collective bargaining and impasse resolution procedures 
    • Strikes, picketing, and other concerted activity 
    • Grievance and arbitration procedures 
    • Defense of unfair labor practice claims


Victory in Connecticut Supreme Court for City of Norwalk
Performance-based Interest Arbitration Proceedings
Implementation of High-deductible HSA Plan in Teacher Negotiations
Higher Education Labor Relations
Successful Outcome in Connecticut Supreme Court on Behalf of Municipalities
Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement for State University Health Center
Representation of University in Employee Termination for Sexual Harassment
Collective Bargaining Agreement for Generator Vendor
Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement for Private University
Representation in NLRB Proceedings Related to Employee Protected Activity Claim
Successfully Defended Client Against Highly Publicized Appeal
Union Negotiations Over Facility Closing/Relocation
Obtained Favorable Summary Judgment in Action Brought by Union
Contract Between City and For-Profit Education Company
RM Election Case
Defended State Against Union Claims Regarding Treatment of Nursing Homes During Labor Strike
Landmark Case Establishing Teacher Negotiations Act Parameters
Arbitration Proceedings Resulting in a One-Year Salary Freeze
Successfully Represented Client in Arbitration Involving Employee Misconduct
Statewide Collective Bargaining Negotiations
Constitutional Law Challenges to Municipal Labor Contracts
Creation of a Public/Private Partnership
Municipal Pension Benefit Offsets Successfully Defended
Numerous Collective Bargaining Agreements for Health Care Industry
Discipline and Contract Language Interpretation Labor Arbitration
Negotiated First of Its Kind Employment Contract for Municipality
Ruling in Favor of Client in Independent Contractor Status Appeal
Union Labor Contract Negotiations


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