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Restaurants: Connecticut Phase I Reopening Rules

May 12, 2020

  • Restaurants may open outdoor seating areas only, up to 50% capacity
  • Bars may not be opened
  • No reusable menus: use either paper menu or chalkboard/whiteboard
  • Use rolled or packaged silverware and touchless appliances and dispensers
  • Use single-serving packets or containers for condiments
  • Provide for contactless payment
  • Tables must be spaced at least six feet apart
  • Maintain an exit separate from the entrance for one-way foot traffic
  • Close buffets and self-serve stations; only employees may serve food from counters
  • Close or remove other non-essential amenities such as dance floors, pool tables, playgrounds, etc.
  • Create discrete work zones for servers and kitchen workers
  • Clean and disinfect seating and tables after each use
  • Sanitize kitchen and equipment at least daily
  • Ensure employees do not share equipment where possible
  • Employees must wear face masks; gloves are required for table servers and for employees using cleaning chemicals
  • Track restaurant capacity to ensure compliance with 50% rule

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