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Retail and Malls: Connecticut Phase I Reopening Rules

May 12, 2020

  • Retail stores and malls may reopen at 50% capacity
  • Fitting rooms must be closed
  • Maintain discrete work zones, install physical barriers or partitions at checkout and between employees where six-foot distance cannot be maintained
  • Install contactless payment
  • Install physical social distancing markers for customers
  • Assign employees to workstations where they remain throughout the workday
  • Ensure employees do not share equipment to the extent possible and clean after each use if shared
  • Install touchless appliances where possible (e.g., paper towels, soap, trash)
  • Close or remove non-essential amenities e.g., self-serve stations and circulars
  • Consider designated hours for vulnerable populations (e.g., elderly, underlying health conditions)
  • In addition to the above rules, malls must also:
    • Close all dining and drink areas except for takeout and outdoor seating
    • Close off any common seating areas
    • Enhance security presence to enforce rules and break up congregations of people
    • Close satellite bathrooms; ensure frequent cleaning of main bathrooms; and maintain cleaning logs
    • Discontinue valet services
    • Make doorways single-direction flow

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