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Webinar: A Brave New World: Opening School in the Time of COVID

The Connecticut Associations of Schools

August 25, 2020

Speakers: Thomas B. Mooney, Andreana R. Bellach, Natalia Sieira Millan

August 25, 2020


Tom Mooney, Natalia Sieira Millan and Andreana Bellach presented the CAS webinar, "A Brave New World: Opening School in the Time of COVID."  During the presentation, they addressed some of the most common questions school administrators have in this challenging time, including the latest on masks, the rules on quarantines and leaves, district obligations to students whose parents opt for the temporary remote learning opportunities, and live streaming and FERPA.

Click here to watch the recording.

The Q&A document prepared for and referred to in this session is available here.

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