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Liquor Permit Applications for Hotels and Restaurants

Various Major Hotels and Restaurant Chains

Liquor permit applications for major hotels and reataurant chains, including new permits, substitute permittee applications and renewal applications. Representation before Commission on liquor control violations and remonstrances. New application process involves timing the filing with liquor control commission based on client business objectives and preparation of the application, including: (a) obtaining all required information for individual permittee and backer (including individual officers and shareholders of privately -held backers), (b) obtaining financial information for individual permittee and backer; (c) obtaining all consents for the backer; (d) obtaining CT sales tax permit, (e) obtaining zoning approval from appropriate town zoning officer; (f) obtaining health code approval from appropriate town official; (g) obtaining local fire marshal’s inspection and approval (h) obtaining approval from appropriate town clerks; (i) providing photographs to the commission; and (j) coordinating of publication and placard notices.


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