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Corporate and Financial Litigation

The Business Litigation group consists of litigators who regularly represent business entities, in both state and federal courts, in a wide variety of disputes. The group's work includes matters arising under discrete substantive statutes, as well as common law business disputes, whether arising in contract or tort.

Examples of contract cases include claims arising from agreements to sell business assets and/or stock. Examples of tort cases include claims of tortious interference with contract, unfair competition, and breaches of fiduciary duty in connection with corporations, partnerships, or other business entities.

The members of this practice are not only experienced in these and other substantive areas of law, but are accustomed to the complex procedural and strategic issues that often characterize business cases. Because of our size and experience, we are able to handle the most challenging and complex cases, while at the same time providing our clients with the personalized service and attention that our clients expect and that is the hallmark of Shipman & Goodwin representation.


Michele Backus Konigsberg
(202) 469-7757
Washington, DC Office
Alison P. Baker
(202) 741-4887
Washington, DC Office
James W. Bergenn
(860) 251-5639
Hartford Office
Michael Chase
(860) 251-5194
Hartford Office
James G. Christiansen
(202) 469-7755
Washington, DC Office
Christopher R. Drury
(860) 251-5017
Hartford Office
Lee Anne Duval
(860) 251-5562
Hartford Office
Patrick M. Fahey
(860) 251-5824
Hartford Office
Frederick S. Gold
(203) 324-8110
Stamford Office
New York Office
Shari M. Goodstein
(203) 324-8161
Stamford Office
Katherine M. Hance
(202) 469-7767
Washington, DC Office
Michael A. King
(860) 251-5659
Hartford Office
Kathleen M. LaManna
(860) 251-5603
Hartford Office
Susan S. Murphy
(860) 251-5707
Hartford Office
Mark K. Ostrowski
(860) 251-5634
Hartford Office
Jill M. O'Toole
(860) 251-5909
Hartford Office
Edward B. Parks II
(202) 469-7753
Washington, DC Office
Diane C. Polletta
(203) 324-8179
Stamford Office
James P. Ruggeri
(202) 469-7752
Washington, DC Office
Paul D. Sanson
(860) 251-5721
Hartford Office
Karen T. Staib
(860) 251-5612
Hartford Office
Joshua D. Weinberg
(202) 469-7754
Washington, DC Office
Robert L. Wyld
(860) 251-5620
Hartford Office
Julia C. Zajac
(860) 251-5692
Hartford Office
Andrew M. Zeitlin
(203) 324-8111
Stamford Office


Anti-Cybersquatting Claim
Civil Rights
$12.4 Million Judgment in Civil Rights Case
Ombudsman Programs
Protection of Confidentiality of Communications with Ombudsman Programs
Structuring and Operating Organizational Ombuds Programs
Seminal Case Recognizing Confidentially Privilege for Ombudsmen
Private Equity/Hedge Fund Litigation
Arbitration on Breach of Contract Claims
Prosecuted Securities Fraud and RICO Allegations
$5.5 Million Judgment for Client Following a Trial Involving Antitrust, Unfair Trade Practices and Breach of Contract Claims
Successful Pre-trial Win on Franchise and Robinson-Patman Act Claims Brought by 32 Franchisees
Achieved $800,000 Settlement for Client in Trademark Infringement, Breach of Contract and Unfair Trade Practices Lawsuit
Successful Settlement of an 8-Figure Claim Against our Client with a Payment to our Client
9-0 U.S. Supreme Court Victory on Constructive Nonrenewal and Termination Claims in a Franchise Case
Favorable Settlement of Sherman and Clayton Act Claims on Behalf of an International Toy Manufacturer in an MDL Case in New York Federal Court
Represented a Wisconsin Manufacturer in the Lawsuit Resulting in the First Comprehensive Analysis by the Connecticut Supreme Court of the Connecticut Franchise Statute
Obtained Defense Verdict in Jury Trial Involving Business and Property Damage Claims of $400,000
Obtained Defense Verdict in Jury Trial Involving Claims by Franchisee That Franchisor Improperly Blocked Sale of Franchise
Obtained Pre-Trial, Terminations and Enforcement of Non-Compete Provisions on Behalf of a National Fast Food Client
Eight-figure Settlement in a National Class Action Lawsuit for Breach of Contract and Deceptive Practices Claims
Successfully Defeated a Hostile Takeover Attempt of our Client by an Off-shore Hedge Fund
Jury Verdict in Partnership Dispute on Claims of Violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Civil Theft
Financial Services Litigation
Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Action
Replevin Action
Government Contracts
Securities Lawsuit
Enron Corporation Securities Class Actions and Common Law Claims
Defended Federal RICO Charges
Defended Challenges to Private University's Financing Arrangements
Defense of Breach of Contract Case
$365 Million Judgment in Breach of Contract Trial
Pro Bono Representation
Breach of Contract Claims
Letter of Intent Dispute
Defense of Expansion of Credit Union Membership
Upholding Decision Authorizing National Banks to Establish Banks Outside Home Counties
Breach of Contract Dispute
Dispute Over Sale of a Motorcycle Dealership Franchise
U.S. Arbitration Contract Dispute
Local Counsel in Insurance Coverage Litigation
$1,000,000 Contract Dispute Summary Judgment
Termination of Contract Claims
Dismissal of Subcontractor's Lien
Intra-Corporate and Partnership Disputes
Defended Complex Mortgage Foreclosure
Defense of Third-Party Subpoenas for Document Production
Multi-Million Dollar Breach of Contract
Federal-Aid Highway Act Bridge Inspection Frequency Challenge
Shell Fishing License Revocation Hearing
Defense of Quasi-Public Agencies in Federal RICO Action
Defended Federal Wrongful Contract Termination Charges
Defense of Managing General Agent Against Claims for Significant Underwriting Losses
Commercial Lease Dispute
Significant Multi-Party and Class Suits
Lease Dispute and Replevin Lawsuit
Successful Defense of Franchise Nonrenewal by Auto Manufacturer
Shareholder Dispute
Settled Civil Complaint in One of the Largest Clean Water Act Cases in Nation
Arbitration on Breach of Contract Claims; Defended Against Counterclaims
Defended University Against Donor Challenge to Disposition of Gift Proceeds


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