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Real Estate and Land Use

Shipman & Goodwin has extensive, diverse experience in real estate law. More than a dozen attorneys in our Hartford, Stamford and Greenwich offices, supported by experienced paralegals, devote their practices primarily to real estate. 

The services provided by our real estate group include:

  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Condominiums and other common interest ownership communities
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Easements and interests in real property
  • Eminent domain
  • Environmental due diligence and risk management
  • Foreclosure
  • Historic preservation
  • Industrial revenue bond financing
  • Leasing
  • Property tax appeals
  • Public–private redevelopment projects
  • Real estate-based commercial finance
  • Residential purchases, sales and all other forms of residential transactions
  • Title matters
  • Syndications

Land Use Permitting and Litigation
Our experience in land use encompasses eminent domain, inverse condemnation, exactions and other constitutional property rights claims, affordable housing, fair housing, drafting and enforcement of regulations, historic preservation, mineral rights and earth materials, specific performance, landlord and tenant, common interest ownership communities, quiet title, tax appeals, and foreclosures. We represent clients before state and local agencies in administrative proceedings, and in civil actions in the state and federal trial and appellate courts, involving permitting, injunctions, compensation and damages, and enforcement. We represent businesses, associations, individuals, non-profits and government agencies in these matters.



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Land Use Approvals and Litigation
Defended Beach Association Against Claims of Adverse Possession of Waterfront Property
Successful Acquisition and Land Use Approvals for New Haven Hotel Development
Closing of Commercial Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Loan Origination
Transit Oriented Development
Hotel Disposition
Significant Ruling Clarifies Scope of Environmental Regulation
Land Use Approval for Innovative Cohousing Development
Environmental Remediation of Contaminated River and Property
$203 Million Financing for University Health Ambulatory Care Center
Post-Kelo Reforms Tested in Eminent Domain Case
Green Building
$1 Billion Public/Private Urban Renewal Project
$18.6 Million Development of a Green Parking Facility
Purchase and Redevelopment of Approximately 400 Acres of Property in the Town of Preston, Connecticut
Takings and Eminent Domain
$26 Million Former G. Fox Building
Workforce and Affordable Housing Development
Largest State Acquisition of Open Space Land in State's History
Rentschler Field Acquisition, Development of 40,000 Person Football Stadium
Acquisition of a $20 Million Mezzanine Loan Indirectly Secured by Properties in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Attained Approval for Apartment Development in Essex, CT
$23 Million Restructuring Permitting Quasi-State Agency Investment
$120 Million Hartford Development "The Learning Corridor"
Acquisition and Development of Jamaica, New York Hilton Hotel
$97 Million REIT Acquisition of 13 Separate Industrial, Commercial and Office Properties
Acquisition of Multiple Mezzanine Loans Related to Properties in New Orleans, Indianapolis and Milwaukee
Affordable Housing Financing
Acquisition and Financing of New Corporate Headquarters for a New York Based Company
Disposition of Real Property in Hartford, Connecticut
Acquisition of Properties for Higher Education Purposes in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut Area
Zoning Relief and Land Use Approvals for New Haven Transit-Oriented Development
Acquisition of a $10 Million Mezzanine Loan Indirectly Secured by Properties in the New York Metropolitan Area
Acquisition of a $4.5 Million Subordinate Mortgage B Note and Origination of Related $5 Million Mezzanine Loan
Multi-Year Development of Major Manhattan Mixed-Use Properties
$10 Million Mezzanine Loan Origination Indirectly Secured by a Historic Property Leased by a University in Downtown Chicago
$500 Million Adriaen's Landing Redevelopment Project
Acquisition of a $20 Million Subordinate Mortgage B Note
Origination of a $10 Million Mezzanine Loan Related to a Hospitality Property in Virginia
Acquisition of a $4.5 Million Mezzanine Loan
Shipman & Goodwin's Land Use Team Prevails in Minnesota Case


October 19, 2017  The 2017 Amendments to the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Act, General Statutes ยง 8-30g (Public Act 17-170)
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October 13, 2015  EPA Proposes Long-Awaited Rule Addressing Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals by Healthcare Facilities
September 17, 2015  A Busy Summer for Environmental and Land Use Law
June 26, 2015  More Stringent "Significant Environmental Hazard" Reporting Requirements to Take Effect July 1, 2015
November 10, 2014  State Energy Strategy Includes Boost
November 4, 2014  The Connecticut Transfer Act and Connecticut Environmental Remediation Programs Update
October 2014  Revisions to Connecticut Transfer Act: Connecticut Environmental Law Handbook Chapter Five, Matters Affecting Business and Real Estate Update
October 6, 2014  Municipal Codes Can Bolster Sustainability Efforts
Summer 2014  Expanding Clean Energy
June 18, 2014  National Association of Home Builders, "Koontz Toolkit"
Fall 2013  U.S Supreme Court Reaffirms and Expands Nollan/Dolan in Koontz
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June 19, 2012  Public Act 12-182: Completing The Improvements To Our Performance Bond Law
May 10, 2012  Environment, Energy and Land Use Legislative Update
April 27, 2012  Environment, Energy and Land Use Legislative Update
April 2012  U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Discharge Rule: New Requirements and Risks
March 16, 2012  Environment, Energy and Land Use Legislative Update
March 12, 2012  A Landmark Ruling On Property Inspections
February 17, 2012  Connecticut Supreme Court Clarifies Procedures for Property Inspections by Zoning Enforcement Officers
February 8, 2012  Green Building: Starting To Show Us The Money
February 8, 2012  Environment, Energy and Land Use Legislative Update
November 7, 2011  Adding To The Value Of Health Care Construction
October 3, 2011  Legislative Relief For Connecticut's Development Community
October 3, 2011  Demystifying The Conditional Approval Process
October 2011  Connecticut Land Use Practice: Update on Recent Significant Changes
September 21, 2011  Our Amended Performance Bond Law: Sensible Changes, But More Needed
July 28, 2011  Multi-Family Rental Housing: Opportunities and Challenges
February 4, 2011  Environment, Energy and Land Use Legislative Update
February 1, 2011  Supreme Court Broadens Protections for Employees Who File Discrimination Claims--And May Create Protections for Their Closest Friends and Relatives
Winter/Fall 2005  Striking a Balance in Connecticut between Economic Growth and Environmental Protection: A Tale of Two Towns and the Yale Farm Golf Course
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