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2019 NAPLA Conference

June 19, 2019
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Speakers: Leander A. Dolphin

June 19, 2019
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Boston University School of Law

Leander Dolphin will be a presenter during the "Advising the Applicant with a Disability" session at the 2019 NAPLA Conference.

As more people with physical, mental, and learning disabilities seek a career in law, what should a prelaw advisor know about helping applicants with disabilities navigate the application process? How might a pre-law advisor work with an applicant to assure that their needs are met in law school as well as for the bar exam? Is law school a good investment for those with disabilities, and what should be taken into account in guiding the applicant through this consideration? This panel discussion will cover these areas and explain how accommodations and services might differ in law school from undergraduate school. Advisors will increase their understanding of the process for obtaining accommodations as well as understand the variety of approaches law schools take in handling accommodations so that they are better equipped to provide relevant advice.


  • Jennifer Cerny, UConn Law School
  • Leander A. Dolphin, Shipman & Goodwin LLP
  • Karen DeMeola, UConn Law School 

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