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Health Law

The goals of the health care industry — quality care, delivered efficiently and cost-effectively — are straightforward. The environment in which providers and related entities operate, however, is incredibly complex. Every interaction, whether between a patient and a clinician, or an insurance company seeking to purchase a chain of pharmacies, offers numerous opportunities for improvement while also giving rise to a host of legal, regulatory and business risks.

At Shipman & Goodwin, our health law attorneys deliver comprehensive health law counsel to clients operating in nearly every sector of the health care industry, including:

  • Acute, general, specialty and academic medical centers and clinics and community-based providers
  • Hospitals and hospital systems
  • Skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies
  • Physician practices
  • Hospice providers
  • Behavioral health and substance use disorder providers
  • Medical equipment and life sciences companies
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Managed care providers and accountable care organizations (ACOs)
  • Telemedicine providers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Health tech companies
  • Insurers
  • Student health centers

Our attorneys draw on their decades of experience in health care law to serve as trusted advisors to health care executives, in-house counsel and boards. Our team is tightly knit and broadly experienced, enabling us to deploy the right resources in a highly efficient manner. We also work closely with attorneys in our firm’s other practice areas to provide issue- and goal-specific counsel that conforms to the unique regulatory and market issues facing health care providers. The health care practice at Shipman has been ranked in Band 1 by Chambers USA America’s Leading Lawyers for Business 2020, the nation’s preeminent guide to law firms and individual lawyers.

We advise health care clients at every juncture, including the following:

Health care regulatory and compliance. We provide analysis and counseling on the full range of federal and state regulatory matters, including fraud and abuse, false claims, qui tam actions, anti-kickback, self-referral and other statutes, health information privacy and data security, licensure and credentialing, certificates of need, clinical research, and informed consent, competency and other ethical issues.

Health care data privacy and security. Counseling our clients with respect to maintaining the privacy and security of their business and patient records in accordance with state and federal law, including security breaches, mitigation of risk, conducting breach investigations and responding to inquiries and investigations from law enforcement authorities and the media when breaches occur. We have also counseled our clients on establishing health information exchanges and electronic health record systems and donation programs.

Health care business and finance. From helping clients form new business entities, to negotiating mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic alliances, we provide practical advice that adds value and helps organizations achieve their goals. We also advise on corporate governance, credentialing, professional misconduct and impairment, reorganizations, and tax and financing issues associated with expansion, infrastructure and other service-delivery initiatives. Members of our team have experience advising hospitals and other tax exempt entities with respect to community benefit, private inurement and unrelated business income tax issues.

Health care intellectual property and trade secrets. Health care companies rely heavily on a range of proprietary and creative assets. Our IP attorneys have in-depth experience helping medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and other businesses identify, manage and protect their products, processes and information, and negotiate licensing and other agreements that maximize returns on research and development investments.

Health care labor, employment and employee benefits. To help employers provide top-quality care, attract and retain key personnel, and operate an effective business, we advise health care companies on executive compensation, incentive plans and employment agreements, develop and document human-resources policies, deliver anti-harassment and other employee and manager training, handle collective bargaining agreements and union organizing campaigns, and provide business immigration counsel, among other areas.

Health care real estate, construction and commercial financing. We counsel for-profit and not-for-profit entities on the full scope of issues associated with the construction, repurposing, purchase and disposition of health care facilities, including medical office buildings and hospitals, ambulatory care and satellite facilities, and other properties. We negotiate design and construction contracts, help procure taxable and tax-exempt financing, secure land use and environmental permits, and negotiate leases.


Land Use Approvals and Litigation
Acquisition and Land Use Approvals for Federally Qualified Health Center
$8M Financing for a Skilled Nursing Facility in Richmond, Virginia
$32M Syndicated Term Loan for a Skilled Nursing Facility in New York
$18M Financing for a Skilled Nursing Facility in Sylmar, California
$45M Combination Financing Including a Term Loan and a Revolving Line of Credit for Six Skilled Nursing Facilities in Various Counties in New York
$80M Combination Financing Including a Term Loan, Construction Loan and revolving Line of Credit Loan for a Skilled Nursing Facility in New York
$20.7M Combination Financing Including a Term Loan and Revolving Line of Credit for a Skilled Nursing Facility in New York
$29.9M Financing for the Construction of a Senior Housing Facility in Danbury, Connecticut
$4.8M Financing for Four Assisted Living Facilities in California
$22.2M Financing for the Construction of an Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in North Haven, Connecticut
$59.1M Financing for a Skilled Nursing Facility in Queens, New York
$22.4M Financing for the Construction of an Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in Sewell, New Jersey
$40M Refinancing of Existing New York Skilled Nursing Facility and Cross Collateralization of a Newly Purchased Hospital
$80M Complex New York Co-Lending Financing for Construction Loan, Term Loan and Line of Credit for Skilled Nursing Facility
$45M Financing for Acquisition of 6 Upstate New York Nursing Homes and Cross Collateralization of Operating Company Properties and Assets
$15M Refinancing of 3 Connecticut-Based Assisted Living Facilities
$22.5M Construction Loan and Complex Fund Structure for New Jersey Assisted Living Facility
$75M Syndicated Co-Lending Structure for Term Loan Facility for Cash Out Financing for New York Health Care Facility
$18M Construction to Permanent Loan for Construction of New York Assisted Living Facility
$46M Term Loan Syndication for New York Skilled Nursing Facility
$92M Acquisition of Multi-facility Skilled Nursing Homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Financing Issues Related to New York Lien Laws
Settlement Achieved in Qui Tam Action
Successful Affiliation of Two Major Healthcare Organizations
Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement and Compliance Issues
CVW Body Design Center - Stamford, LLC
Development and Launch of All-Payer Claims Database
Audit Relating to Inpatient Stays, Credits for Medical Devices and Canceled Surgeries
Establishment of Efficiently and Effectively Invested Endowment Fund
Establishment and Organization of a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO
Drafted Governance Documents for Best Practices of Member Organizations
Developing Medicaid Reimbursement Regulations for Hospital-Owned Medical Foundations
$203 Million Financing for University Health Ambulatory Care Center
Formation of Medicare Shared Savings Program, Affiliated Physician Organization, and Affiliated Medical Foundation
New Markets Tax Credit Financing for Federally Qualified Health Center
Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
Acquisition and Construction Financing for National Developer
Establishment of On-Call Teleradiology Program
Yale New Haven Health's Acquisition of Milford Hospital


December 18, 2020  With COVID-19 Vaccines Finally Arriving, Employers Must Ask and Answer Difficult Questions
December 7, 2020  HHS Amends PREP Act COVID-19 Declaration for the Fourth Time
November 24, 2020  CMS Final Stark Rule Creates New Exceptions, Modifies Existing Fundamentals
October 14, 2020  Hospital Price Transparency Requirements for 2021
August 17, 2020  Connecticut's Department of Public Health Allows Virtual Learning for Practical Nursing Programs
August 7, 2020  Connecticut Expands Telehealth Services
July 22, 2020  HHS Bulletin Offers Guidance and Updates on COVID-19 Outcome Disparities
July 15, 2020  IRS Further Postpones Deadline for Tax-Exempt Hospitals to Satisfy CHNA Requirements
July 9, 2020  SCOTUS Upholds Employer Exemptions from Contraceptive Coverage
June 30, 2020  U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Law that Imposed Restrictions on Abortion Providers
June 24, 2020  Does Your Workforce's Use of Cloth Face Masks Satisfy OSHA Rules and Guidance?
June 9, 2020  Governor Lamont Suspends Involuntary Discharge of Nursing Home and Residential Care Home Residents to Homeless Shelters
June 9, 2020  New Laboratory Data Reporting Guidance for COVID-19 Testing From HHS
June 9, 2020  Governor Lamont Orders Nursing Homes, Managed Residential Communities, and Assisted Living Services Agencies to Test Staff for COVID-19
June 8, 2020  CT DPH Issues Order Allowing for Flexibility of Certification Requirements for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel in Residential Care Homes
June 8, 2020  Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Temporarily Allowed To Conduct Member Meetings Remotely
June 1, 2020  HHS OIG Issues Fraud Oversight Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Response and Recovery
May 29, 2020  Governor Lamont Issues Order Creating Temporary Nurse Aide Position
May 29, 2020  CT DPH Issues Order Modifying Administrative Procedures and Deadlines
May 27, 2020  CT Department of Health Issues Order Modifying Requirements for Behavioral Health Facilities and Nursing Homes
May 19, 2020  CT DPH Issues Orders Suspending Licensure Requirements for Certain Providers
May 18, 2020  OCR Bulletin Reminds Health Care Entities of Rights of Individuals With Limited English Proficiency During COVID-19 Pandemic
May 15, 2020  Connecticut DPH Acting Commissioner Gifford Reinstates Requirement that a Licensed Provider Order COVID-19 Test
May 13, 2020  Connecticut DPH Modifies Visitor Restrictions at Nursing Homes, Residential Care Homes, and Chronic Disease Hospitals
May 12, 2020  CMS Announces Additional Blanket Waivers during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
May 11, 2020  Governor Lamont Suspends Regulations to Expand COVID-19 Testing
May 7, 2020  OIG Recommends Recovery of Medicare Overpayments Made in Violation of 72 Hour Rule
May 6, 2020  OCR Reminds Healthcare Providers about Media Access Restrictions
May 2, 2020  OCR Reminds Organizations of Available Cyber Threat Resources
April 24, 2020  COVID-19: Governor Issues Two New Executive Orders Impacting Health Care Providers
April 23, 2020  COVID-19: Additional Allocations of CARES Act Provider Relief Fund
April 22, 2020  COVID-19 Clinical Trial Data Qualifies for CMS Quality Payment Program
April 22, 2020  FDA Issues EUA for Limited Use Face Masks
April 21, 2020  HHS Issues Advisory Opinion Regarding PREP Act Tort Liability Immunity During COVID-19 Pandemic
April 18, 2020  OCR Resolves Civil Rights Complaints Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
April 10, 2020  Joint US/UK Guidance on Identifying and Preventing COVID-19 Related Cyber Attacks
April 10, 2020  COVID-19: CMS Guidelines to Protect Patients and Health Care Workers in Outpatient Settings
April 9, 2020  COVID-19: Governor Lamont's Executive Order 7V for Health Care Providers
April 9, 2020  COVID-19: CMS Guidelines to Protect Patients and Health Care Workers in Hospitals
April 7, 2020  Protections from Civil Liability for Healthcare Providers and Financial Protections for Patients
April 4, 2020  FCC Announces Program for Health Care Providers to Receive Up to $1 Million to Cover Telehealth Costs
April 2, 2020  CARES Act: Summary of Provisions for Health Care Providers
April 1, 2020  New Waivers and Rules to Allow Hospitals to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis
March 29, 2020  COVID-19: USDOL Clarifies Exemptions to Paid Leave Provisions Under FFCRA for Healthcare Providers, Emergency Responders and Small Businesses
March 29, 2020  COVID-19: CMS Advances Payments to Providers and Suppliers
March 27, 2020  COVID-19 Update: N95 Masks and PPE: Guidelines for Use And Importation
March 26, 2020  COVID-19: CMS Provides Quality Reporting Program Relief
March 25, 2020  CMS FAQs and Guidance for COVID-19 Response
March 23, 2020  COVID-19: CMS Issues Telemedicine Toolkit
March 20, 2020  DEA's Expansion of Prescribing Controlled Substances Via Telemedicine
March 20, 2020  Governor Expands Access to Telehealth Services Executive Order No. (7G)
March 19, 2020 - Updated March 20, 2020  COVID-19: OCR HIPAA Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth
March 18, 2020  Medicaid Telehealth Expansion and Guidance
March 17, 2020  COVID-19: New HHS Waivers
March 17, 2020  OCR Bulletin, Civil Rights and COVID-19
March 17, 2020  Expansion of Medicare Telehealth Benefits and Co-Pay Waivers During the COVID-19 Outbreak
March 16, 2020  Determining Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel Exposed to COVID-19: CDC Recommendations
March 15, 2020  COVID-19: New CMS Waivers
March 15, 2020  Governor Lamont Issues Two Executive Orders In Response to Ongoing COVID-19 Developments in Connecticut
March 14, 2020  COVID-19: Privacy Considerations for Health Care Providers
March 13, 2020  Major Insurers Waive Coronavirus Testing Costs, Unpacked
March 11, 2020  Guide for an Organizational Response to Coronavirus
March 9, 2020  CT Guide for an Organizational Response to Coronavirus
September/October 2019  Fair Market Value: It Is Not As Easy As You May Think
January 31, 2019  EPA Finalizes Rule Addressing Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals - But is it Helpful?
January 11, 2019  U.S. Supreme Court Decision Impacts Arbitration Clauses
January 3, 2019  Physician Practice Liable for Violating its Duty of Confidentiality to a Patient
November 6, 2018  What Does the Partial Repeal of the Medicaid IMD Exclusion Mean for Providers?
October 2018  New Compliance Training Requirements for Medicare Advantage
August 22, 2018  Connecticut Supreme Court Reminds Teaching Hospitals that They May be Responsible for Residents' Negligence
August 6, 2018  CMS Mandates Hospitals to Post Standard Charges Online
March 2018  False Claims Act 2017 Report Card: $2.4 Billion Recovered
January 24, 2018  HHS Takes Action to Protect Religious Beliefs and Moral Convictions
January 17, 2018  Connecticut Supreme Court Recognizes New Cause of Action for Patient Privacy Breach
January 10, 2018  OIG Scrutiny of Patient Assistance Programs
August 2017  Firm Attorneys Published in Legal Resource for School Health Services
June 2017  Reducing the risk of False Claims Act qui tam actions
February 15, 2017  SAMHSA Modernizes Regulations Governing the Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Records
January 31, 2017  IRS Issues Clarification for Tax-Exempt Management Contracts -- Impact on Healthcare Providers
December 2016  Vincenzo Carannante Published in Leading Forensic Psychiatry Reference
October 11, 2016  Providing Transgender-Inclusive Health Care
October 3, 2016  Family Policy Compliance Office Issues FERPA Privacy Guidelines
October 27, 2016  October 17th Compliance Deadline for HHS Nondiscrimination Notifications Approaches
May 24, 2016  Connecticut Legislature Passes Non-Compete Act Concerning Contracts With Physicians
April 2016  Communicating Protected Health Information Via Text Messaging
January 27, 2016  If You Provide Behavioral Health Services, Do the New HIPAA Reporting Rules Apply to You?
December 9, 2015  Stark Law Update
October 13, 2015  EPA Proposes Long-Awaited Rule Addressing Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals by Healthcare Facilities
June 22, 2015  Conn. Seeks To Tighten Data Privacy Requirements
May 11, 2015  Achieving Diversity in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
February 9, 2015  Key Issues in Negotiating a Health Information Technology Agreement
January 9, 2015  U.S. Department of Education Issues Guidance on Ebola for K-12 Schools
January 2015  Going Live with a Patient Portal—Legal Risks and Operating Documents
December 12, 2014  Recent Data Breach Demonstrates the Importance of Attention to Software and IT Systems
November 24, 2014  Ebola Guidance for Schools: Focusing on the Basics
November 14, 2014  Bill Roberts Quoted in CT Law Tribune Article, "Conn. Medical Records Ruling Could Have Widespread Impact"
November 11, 2014  Health and Human Services Addresses Ebola and Other Public Health Emergencies
October 2014  Reflecting America's Patient Population - The Need for Diversity in Clinical Trials
October 16, 2014  Proposed Revisions to Anti-Kickback Safe Harbors and Civil Monetary Penalty Provisions
October 6, 2014  What You Need To Know About Unlicensed Scribes In Your Hospital
September 2, 2014  CMS Proposes Short-Term Inpatient Admission Settlement Process for Hospitals
August 1, 2014  Connecticut Expands Transparency Reporting Obligations to APRNs
July 9, 2014  Connecticut Health Law 2014 Legislative Update
May 12, 2014  Health Law: HIPAA Breaches: Getting It Right
March 2014  Living with the Medical Device Excise Tax
February 3, 2014  CMS Delays the 2-Midnight Rule For At Least Another 2 Midnights
January 14, 2014  IRS Releases Further Guidance for Tax-Exempt Hospitals
December 4, 2013  DSS Releases Proposed FQHC Reimbursement Regulations
November 19, 2013  Court Rules that Hospital's Incentive Payments for its Oncologists Violated the Stark Law
November 8, 2013  CMS Delays Post-Payment Reviews for "Short-Stay" Inpatient Admissions
November 6, 2013  Medicare Conditions of Participation for Community Mental Health Centers
October 2013  Clinical Research Ethics in Vulnerable Populations
August 26, 2013  Recent OCR Enforcement Action Demonstrates the Importance of a Thorough Risk Analysis
August 8, 2013  Health Law 2013 Legislative Update
June 25, 2013  FDA Releases Draft Cybersecurity Guidance for Medical Devices
May 22, 2013  Lessons Learned From "U.S. ex rel., Drakeford v. Tuomey Healthcare System, Inc."
May 20, 2013  Shining The Light On Physician Payment Sunshine Act
May 16, 2013  Certificate of Need Regulations Finalized and Released
February 12, 2013  HIPAA Final Rule
January 3, 2013  HHS Announces Mobile Device Security Initiative
November 2012  Connecticut's HIE: A Look at the Nutmeg State's Approach to Sharing Patient Information
October 23, 2012  DSS Releases Proposed Provider Audit Regulations
September 21, 2012  U.S. Department of Justice Announces $16.5 Million Settlement with HCA, Inc. for False Claims Act and Stark Law Claims
August 2, 2012  Breaches of Personal Information Must Now Be Reported to the Attorney General
June 28, 2012  Health Law Practice Group Discusses Supreme Court's Ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
June 28, 2012  Health Care Ruling Brings Contract, Grant Opportunities
June 26, 2012  Health Law 2012 Legislative Update
June 6, 2012  DSS Publishes Final Regulations on Reimbursement of Medical Foundations
May 2012  Medical Foundations: One Model for Hospital-Physician Alignment
May 17, 2012  CMS Releases Final Rule on PPACA Program Integrity Provisions
May 2, 2012  FDA and HHS Rules on Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest in Research
February 16, 2012  HHS Announces Strong Start Initiative to Increase Healthy Deliveries and Reduce Preterm Births
February 16, 2012  OIG Alerts Physicians to Exercise Caution When Reassigning Medicare Payments
February 3, 2012  DRS Rules on Hotel Room Rentals Received by Non-Profit Hospitals
January 11, 2012  CMS Publishes Guidance on Medicaid RAC Program


May 11, 2020  2020 Chambers Guide Recognizes Lawyers as Leaders in Their Field
August 15, 2019  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Attorneys
April 29, 2019  Chambers Recognizes 18 Attorneys as Leaders in Their Field
November 1, 2018  Shipman & Goodwin LLP Ranked Among 2019 "Best Law Firms"
August 15, 2018  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Firm Attorneys
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November 1, 2017  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2018 "Best Law Firms"
August 15, 2017  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Firm Attorneys
August 1, 2017  Bill Roberts Appointed to CT Health Data Collaborative
July 28, 2017  Bill Roberts Explains Health Care IT Balancing Act in Huffington Post
May 26, 2017  Chambers Recognizes 22 as Leaders in Their Field
April 4, 2017  Joan Feldman and Bill Roberts Highlight Key Health Care Compliance Issues at Nat'l Conference
December 20, 2016  Bill Roberts Quoted by Association of American Medical Colleges
November 3, 2016  Jim Bergenn, Joan Feldman and Tim Hollister Named "Top Lawyers"
November 1, 2016  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2017 "Best Law Firms"
October 18, 2016  CT Attorneys Recognized as 2016 Super Lawyers
September 13, 2016  Bill Roberts Published in New Handbook by American Health Lawyers Association
August 19, 2016  Bill Roberts Offers New Guidance on Health Care Data Privacy
August 15, 2016  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 39 Firm Attorneys
June 10, 2016   Bill Roberts Featured in Q&A on Data Privacy, Information Security and Preventing Breaches
May 31, 2016  Chambers Recognizes 22 as Leaders in Their Field
November 2, 2015  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2016 "Best Law Firms"
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May 19, 2015  Chambers Recognizes 23 as Leaders in Their Field
March 5, 2015  Bill Roberts Joins HIPAA Website as Commentator
November 14, 2014  Bill Roberts Comments on Medical Records Ruling
November 3, 2014  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2015 "Best Law Firms"
May 23, 2014  Chambers Recognizes 24 as Leaders in their Field
November 1, 2013  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2014 "Best Law Firms"
January 15, 2013  Mobile Device Data Security Measures Issued
November 26, 2012  Firm Helps Develop Connecticut Health Council
November 1, 2012  Firm Ranked Among 2013 "Best Law Firms"
September 13, 2012  Six Firm Attorneys Receive "Lawyer of the Year" Honors
May 11, 2012  Panel Explores Risks and Rewards of Social Media for Health Care Providers


October 5, 2020  Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Telehealth: Law, Medicine, and Access to Care
June 25, 2020  Webinar: 2020 HHS Patient Access Rule - What Hospitals Need to Know
August 14, 2019  Webinar: Telemental Health Services: Navigating Telemedicine Laws, State Licensure, Medicaid Coverage, Fraud and Abuse
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September 14, 2018  2018 Community Health Summit: Working Together for a Healthier Connecticut
May 22, 2018  Model Agreements & Guidelines International (MAGI) Clinical Research Conference
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July 18, 2017  Health Care Compliance Association Web Conference
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June 26, 2017  Health Care Compliance Association Web Conference
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May 23-25, 2017  HFMA Region 1 Sixteenth Annual Healthcare Conference
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April 26, 2017  What You Need to Know to Negotiate a Successful Health Care Transaction
April 21 2017  Sustaining the Transition to Value in a Time of Policy and Market Turmoil
March 26-29, 2017  Health Care Compliance Association's 21st Annual Compliance Institute
February 23, 2017  Recent Privacy and Security Developments in Human Subjects Research
November 30 - December 2, 2016  OCR Audits Phase 2 With Real Life Experience - How to Navigate?
November 10, 2016  CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, Inc. Behavioral Health CFO Forum
September 20, 2016  CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, Inc. Compliance Roundtable
June 15, 2016  Webinar: Managing HIPAA Data Breaches
May 25, 2016  HFMA Region 1 Fifteenth Annual Healthcare Conference
May 2, 2016  HR's New Challenge: Cyber Security
April 6, 2016  Stark Update at Boston Medical Center
February 23, 2016  CT HFMA: 2016 Legal Playbook: Best Practices to Keep Your Healthcare Operations on the Winning Side
February 17, 2016  Stark Update at University of Connecticut Health Center
December 2, 2015  Webinar: Business Associates: How to Differentiate Your Organization Using HIPAA Compliance
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September 29, 2015   CT Council of Small Towns Legislative Wrap-Up
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September 18, 2015  American Bar Association Business Law Section Annual Meeting
July 14, 2015  Webinar: HIPAA Compliance and Non-Business Associate Vendors - Strategies and Best Practices
June 11, 2015  Feldman & Roberts to Speak about The Physician Payments Sunshine Act
May 19-20, 2015  HFMA Region 1 Fourteenth Annual Healthcare Conference
March 13, 2015  Right to Privacy & HIPAA
February 19, 2015  Webinar: How to Effectively Negotiate a Business Associate Agreement: What's Important/What's Not
February 12, 2015  CHCACT: Corporate Compliance Workgroup
January 20, 2015  HCBA: Business Associate Compliance - Keeping Your Own House in Order
January 14, 2015  Stage 2 Meaningful Use Audit: What You Need to Know
December 11, 2014  CHCACT: Compliance Workgroup
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August 5, 2014  CHCACT: CFO Roundtable
May 30, 2014   LERA: Is it HIPAA or is it not?
May 22, 2014  CT CHAND: College Health Symposium
April 3, 2014  Guest Lecturer at Quinnipiac University School of Law: Patients' Rights and Responsibilities
March 27, 2014  Guest Lecturer at Quinnipiac University School of Law: HIPAA
March 24, 2014  Regulatory Landscape for Life Sciences and Medical Products & FDA Approval and Insurance Reimbursement
March 13, 2014  Conducting an Internal Compliance Investigation
January 30, 2014  Stark Overview of Physician Contracts
January 21, 2014  CCPA: Corporate Compliance Forum
November 20, 2013  CT-HFMA: Annual Healthcare Legal Conference
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