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With state and federal tax codes changing every year, businesses both large and small and individuals need assurance that they are in compliance with this increasingly complex area of the law. Attorneys in the firm's Tax practice are regularly called upon to assist businesses, executives and individual clients on all aspects of international, federal, state and local business tax matters. We pride ourselves in keeping current on all changes to the tax codes that might -- positively or adversely -- impact our clients, and report our findings in a comprehensive annual tax legislative review.

Additionally, our tax lawyers assist clients in structuring mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spinoffs, split-offs, shareholder redemptions, joint ventures, real estate ventures, and reorganizations. They are also involved in tax planning for:

  • Corporate acquisitions and dispositions, such as leveraged buy-outs, tax-free reorganizations and taxable sales of stock or assets
  • Transactions between closely held corporations (such as S corporations) and their shareholders
  • Structuring venture capital transactions (representing either the VC fund or the emerging growth company)
  • Debt and equity offerings
  • Key executives, including incentive and non-qualified stock options and other forms of compensation
  • Transactions involving limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Minimizing State of Connecticut business taxes, sales and use taxes, real property or conveyance taxes, and the personal income tax
  • Tax Credits and incentives in connection with environmental remediation and brownfield redevelopment
  • Tax-exempt organizations, including formation, qualification and operational issues (including minimizing excise taxes)

Members of the Tax practice represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service, including representation at the audit and appellate level and, where necessary, in tax litigation. We also regularly represent clients at every stage of the State of Connecticut audit process, including both the appellate level, and, if necessary, in state tax litigation.

Our Tax attorneys are frequently called upon to draft state tax laws and legislation. Representatives of the Tax practice drafted the Connecticut statutes governing the state taxation of the financial service industry, including insurance companies, financial institutions and their affiliates. A member of the Tax practice co-chaired both the Connecticut General Assembly and Connecticut Department of Revenue Service committees on the taxation of the financial service industry, and currently sits on the Commissioner of Revenue Services’ tax practitioner advisory group.


June 8, 2020  Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Temporarily Allowed To Conduct Member Meetings Remotely
June 9, 2020  IRS Finalizes Form 990 Donor-Disclosure Tax Rules
March 30, 2020  Massive Coronavirus Stimulus Package Contains Many Significant Tax and Employee Benefits Provisions
March 21, 2020  Connecticut and IRS Extend April 15 Income Tax Deadlines
January 7, 2020  Good Riddance to the Parking Tax and the Two-Tiered System for Calculating a Private Foundation's Tax on Investment Income
November 11, 2019 - Updates to June 26 Publication  Governor Lamont Signs Connecticut Biennial Budget: New Deal or Déjà Vu?
November 25, 2019  Lou Schatz Quoted in Hartford Business Journal Article, "Trying to avoid CT taxes by becoming a part-time resident? It's harder than you think."
September 16, 2019  The Donor Disclosure Saga Continues: IRS Readdresses Donor Disclosure Requirements After Court Loss
July 12, 2019  New Tax Law Requires Exempt Organizations to E-File Annual Forms 990
April 29, 2019  IRS Releases New Set of Qualified Opportunity Zone Regulations
March 1, 2019  Connecticut's Response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Part II)
February 1, 2019  Connecticut's Response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Part I)
December 27, 2018  Qualified Opportunity Zones
December 14, 2018  Unrelated Business Taxable Income from Employer-Provided Parking and Other Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
November 13, 2018  2017 Survey of Connecticut Tax Law Developments
November 8, 2018  Federal Excise Taxes on Executive Compensation
December 31, 2018 - Updates to June 6 Publication  2018 Connecticut Tax Developments
February 1, 2018  A Strategy for Maintaining the Tax Efficiency of Charitable Contributions In 2018
December 29, 2017  The New Biennial Budget: Trick or Treat?
December 18, 2017  DRS Updates: New Withholding on Pensions and Annuities, Economic Nexus for Sales Tax and "Fresh Start" Program
2017 Vol. 90.4  2016 Survey of Connecticut Tax Law Developments
July 13, 2017  2017 Legislative Session: Refusing to Budge(t)
June 8, 2017  Eagerly Awaited "Market-Based Sourcing" Guidance Issued by Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
April 28, 2017  Connecticut Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual
April 28, 2017  Update on Nonqualified Stock Options and Statutory Limitations on Refunds Claims
January 31, 2017  IRS Issues Clarification for Tax-Exempt Management Contracts -- Impact on Healthcare Providers
December 13, 2016  36-Month Rule for Reporting Discharges of Indebtedness Is Repealed
June 30, 2016, Updated December 31, 2016  Connecticut Tax Developments 2016
June 2018  Connecticut Tax Developments
2016 Vol. 89.3  2015 Connecticut Tax Law Developments
12/15/15, Updated 12/29/15  Connecticut Tax Developments 2015
12/15/15, Updated 12/29/15  Connecticut Deficit Mitigation Package Contains Limited Tax Relief
September 11, 2015  Connecticut Establishes Procedure for Administrative Relief for Underpayment of 2015 Estimated Corporation Business Tax Payments
August 25, 2014  Connecticut Delays Until 2015 the Acceleration of the Due Date for Sales and Use Tax Returns and Payments
June 18, 2014  Connecticut Tax Developments 2014
June 2, 2014  Income Tax Issues for Connecticut Businesses
December 19, 2013  2014 Connecticut Tax Forecast: DRS Legislative Proposals, Transparency and Regulations
October 31, 2013  Updated 2013 Connecticut Tax Developments
July 9, 2013  New York Court Upholds the MTA Payroll Tax
June 18, 2013  Connecticut Tax Developments 2013
October 30, 2012  MTA Payroll Tax Protective Refund Claims Due: UPDATE
October 9, 2012  Business Tax Policy Change Is In The Air (Again)
October 1, 2012  Connecticut Tax Developments 2012
June 28, 2012  Health Law Practice Group Discusses Supreme Court's Ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
June 22, 2012  2012 Regular and June Legislative Sessions: No News is Good News?
March 28, 2012  Connecticut Supreme Court Nexus Decision Expands Definition of Retailers Required to Collect Sales and Use Tax
February 3, 2012  DRS Rules on Hotel Room Rentals Received by Non-Profit Hospitals


August 15, 2019  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Attorneys
August 7, 2019  Alan Lieberman Weighs in on SALT Workaround in Bloomberg's Daily Tax Report
November 16, 2018  Shipman & Goodwin Launches Opportunity Zones Team
November 1, 2018  Shipman & Goodwin LLP Ranked Among 2019 "Best Law Firms"
August 15, 2018  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Firm Attorneys
April 18, 2018  Louis Schatz Quoted in Bloomberg Tax About Connecticut's Response to Federal Tax Reform
February 16, 2018  Louis Schatz Presents Tax Update at CCIM Connecticut Event
November 1, 2017  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2018 "Best Law Firms"
August 15, 2017  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 43 Firm Attorneys
June 21, 2017  Firm Attorneys Examined Key Topics at 2017 Connecticut Legal Conference
November 1, 2016  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2017 "Best Law Firms"
October 18, 2016  CT Attorneys Recognized as 2016 Super Lawyers
August 15, 2016  "Best Lawyers in America" Recognizes 39 Firm Attorneys
November 2, 2015  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2016 "Best Law Firms"
November 3, 2014  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2015 "Best Law Firms"
September 30, 2014  Lou Schatz Appointed to State Tax Panel
November 1, 2013  Shipman & Goodwin Ranked Among 2014 "Best Law Firms"
October 18, 2013  Nevins and Schatz Presented at ICSC Conference
November 1, 2012  Firm Ranked Among 2013 "Best Law Firms"
September 13, 2012  Six Firm Attorneys Receive "Lawyer of the Year" Honors
April 9, 2012  Alan Lieberman invited to speak at a public hearing of the Governor's Business Tax Policy Task Force


November 18, 2020  2020 NCCPAP Virtual Accounting and Tax Symposium
June 25, 2020  Webinar: Not-for-Profit Organizations Conference
June 25, 2020  Webinar: Intro Opportunity Zones Finance WebCourse
April 30, 2020  Webinar: Tackling Tax in the Pandemic
March 10, 2020  Hot Topics in State and Local Tax 2020
December 11, 2018  NCCPAP: Tri-State Tax Update 2019
November 20, 2019  2019 Long Island Tax Symposium
November 4, 2019  Tax Conference- Part 1
July 11, 2019  CLE Event: CLE Webinar: Annual Connecticut Tax Update 2019
May 30, 2019  Webinar: New Qualified Opportunity Zone Regulations
May 9, 2019  CLE Event: CLE Webinar: Cross-Border Real Estate Investment in the United States
April 10, 2019  HBRA of CT Developers Forum
March 25, 2019  Webinar: Employer-Provided Parking Under the New UBTI Rules for Non-Profits
March 21, 2019  The New Opportunity Zones Program: What Attorneys Need to Know
March 20, 2019  CLE Event: CLE Webinar: Cross-Border Real Estate Investment in the United Kingdom
March 18, 2019  Webinar: Employee Parking and the New UBTI Rules
March 5, 2019  2018 Connecticut Tax Update
January 9, 2019  Tax Section Meeting: Connecticut Tax Update
December 19, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: The New Opportunity Zones Program: What Businesses and Investors Need to Know
December 17, 2018  2018 NYSSCPA Tax Conference
November 29, 2018  CTCPA State Tax 360° Conference
November 28, 2018  CLE Event: 2018 Year End Tax Seminar
November 28, 2018  NCCPAP: Tri-State Tax Update 2018
November 15, 2018  2018 NCCPAP/IRS Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
October 9, 2018  Webinar: Relocation Roadmap - A Guide to Avoiding Tax Traps When Changing Residency
July 24, 2018  Navigating the New Pass-Through Entity Tax
July 17, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: Annual Connecticut Tax Update: 2018
June 12, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: Connecticut's Response to Federal Tax Reform Legislation
June 8, 2018  Connecticut Tax Conference 2018
March 27, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: An Overview of the Significant Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act PART 4: Update on Pension, Compensation and 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations
March 15, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: An Overview of the Significant Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act PART 3: Impact of the 2017 Act on Businesses/Corporations, Including International Tax Law Changes
March 8, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: An Overview of the Significant Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act PART 2: The Impact on Individuals: What You Need to Know
March 6, 2018  CLE Event: Webinar: An Overview of the Significant Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act PART 1: A Review of the New Pass-through Deduction and the Impact that the 2017 Act has on Choice of Entity
February 15, 2018  Business Divorce: Litigating the Breakup of an LLC
January 19, 2018  Trump Tax Update and Local Impact
January 10, 2018  Tax Law Section Meeting: 2017 Connecticut Tax Update
December 13, 2017  CLE Event: Webinar: How to Start and Operate a Foundation
December 12, 2017  NCCPAP: Tri-State Tax Update 2017
December 11, 2017  CLE Event: Webinar: 2017 Connecticut Tax Update
November 15-17, 2017  The 2017 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
November 14, 2017  CLE Event: Independent Contractor or Employee? An Overview of Significant State and Federal Rules
November 10, 2017  CT Bankers Association Annual Meeting: 2017 Connecticut Tax Update
November 6, 2017  NYSSCPA: Westchester Tax Conference Part 1
September 19, 2017  CLE Event: Webinar: Overview of the New IRS Partnership Audit Rules - What You Need to Know
September 14, 2017  The New IRS Partnership Audit Rules: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know
September 13, 2017  Webinar: A Legal Primer: Tax and Charitable Giving for Independent Schools
June 28, 2017  Connecticut Tax Conference 2017
June 12, 2017  CBA 2017 Connecticut Legal Conference
December 20, 2016  NCCPAP: Tri-State Tax Update - 2016
November 29, 2016  State Tax 360 Conference 2016
November 16-18, 2016  The 2016 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
November 15-16, 2016  The 2016 University of Connecticut Income Tax School
June 10, 2016   Connecticut Tax Conference 2016
June 6, 2016  New York Tax Study Group: Recent Connecticut Tax Developments
January 21, 2016  Tri-State Taxation Conference: 2016
January 13, 2016  HBRA of Central Connecticut Builder Breakfast Meeting
December 8, 2015  National Conference of CPA Practitioners
December 2, 2015  2015 State Tax 360º Conference
November 18-20, 2015  The 2015 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
November 17, 2015  The 2015 University of Connecticut Income Tax School
November 5, 2015  Developers Council Dinner
October 30, 2015  CBA Federal Tax Institute of New England
October 1, 2015  CTCPA Healthcare Conference
October 1, 2015  Relocation Roadmap - Avoiding Tax Traps
June 11-12, 2015  Independent SALT Alliance 2015 Summer Meeting
December 16, 2014  NCCPAP: Tri-State Tax Update
November 19-21  The 2014 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
November 18-19, 2014  The 2014 University of Connecticut Income Tax School for Practitioners
November 5, 2014  2014 Tax 360 Conference
June 24, 2014  Connecticut Society of CPAs Not-For-Profit Organizations Conference
June 13, 2014  CBIA's 2014 Connecticut Tax Conference
January 28, 2014  Tri-State Taxation Conference: 2014
November 20, 2013  2013 Tax 360 Conference
November 8, 2013  CT Bankers Association Annual Meeting: 2013 Connecticut Tax Update
October 16-19, 2013  ICSC: Current Tax Issues Involving Shopping Center Leases and Operations
September 19, 2013  Recent Connecticut Tax Developments
September 18, 2013  Resale Requirements in the State of Connecticut
June 26, 2013  Connecticut Society of CPA's, Not-for-Profit Organizations Conference
June 21, 2013  CBIA's 2013 Connecticut Tax Conference
June 13, 2013  The Legal and Tax Implications of the IRS Final Report on the Colleges and Universities Compliance Project
April 4, 2013  A Lawyer's Guide to Drafting Corporate and LLC Organizational Documents
January 23, 2013  Builders and Remodelers Association meeting
January 9, 2013  Current Topics for Exempt Organizations
December 5, 2012  New York State Society of CPAs, Rockland Chapter: 2012 Connecticut Tax Update
November 28, 2012  2012 Tax 360 Conference: State Tax Legislative Update
November 27, 2012  National Conference of CPA Practitioners: 2012 Connecticut Tax Update
November 27, 2012  2012 Tax 360 Conference: Federal Tax Legislative Update
November 15, 2012  Tax Professionals Symposium: 2012 Connecticut Tax Update
November 13-14, 2012  The 2012 University of Connecticut Income Tax School for Practitioners
November 12, 2012  Tri-State Taxation Conference: 2012 Connecticut Tax Update
October 20, 2012  Connecticut Tax Update for Financial Institutions
July 19-20, 2012  Independent SALT Alliance: 2012 Summer Meeting
June 19, 2012  Fiduciary Responsibilities of Officers and Directors of Not-For Profit Organizations
June 11, 2012  2012 CBA Annual Meeting: Unraveling the Mysteries of Tax Allocation Provisions
June 6, 2012  403(b) Roundtable
March 29, 2012  Tax Essentials for Independent Schools
March 13, 2012  Connecticut Bar Association: Applying the IRS Safe Harbor Rules to the Tax Allocation Provisions of Operating Agreements
January 18, 2012  Tri-State Taxation Conference: 2011 Connecticut Tax Developments
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