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Paul D. Sanson Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5721 
Amber N. Sarno Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5043 
Louis B. Schatz Partner, Hartford & New York
(860) 251-5838 
James C. Schulwolf Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5949 
Laura A. Schuyler Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5338 
Daniel A. Schwartz Partner, Hartford & Stamford
(860) 251-5038 
Arnold K. Shimelman Counsel, Hartford
(860) 251-5816 
Natalia Sieira Millan Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5250 
Stephen I. Siller Partner, New York
(212) 376-3012 
Robert R. Simpson Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5515 
Christopher J. Smith Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5606 
Jessica Richman Smith Associate, Stamford
(203) 324-8157 
Karen T. Staib Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5612 
Gary S. Starr Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5501 
J. Dormer Stephen Partner, New Haven & Hartford
(203) 836-2803 
Arlene Stover Paralegal, Hartford
(860) 251-5123 

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