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Employment Litigation

When job-related issues cannot be resolved through non-adversary means, we are prepared to aggressively defend employers in state or federal court, as well as the full range of administrative venues. We regularly defend employers in discrimination, wrongful discharge, and other employment-related complaints. We are experienced in dealing with both statutory and common law claims, including complex class actions. With the cooperation and assistance of attorneys from our firm's employee benefits and intellectual property practice groups, we have successfully litigated a variety of ERISA, non-compete and trade secrets cases.

Our goal is to resolve contested cases as early in the process as possible, in order to minimize the costs and risks associated with protracted litigation. Our approach to employment litigation involves providing our clients with: 

    • Early assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case 
    • A projected timetable, cost estimate, and exposure to damages 
    • Review of available alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures 
    • A cost benefit analysis of each significant litigation decision
    • The ability and willingness to pursue the case through trial and
       related appeals


Business Tort/Commercial Litigation
Theft of Trade Secrets and Unfair Trade Practices
Summary Judgment Granted on All Counts for Franchisee
Successful Defense Against Hostile Work Environment Same Sex Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claims
Defense of Age and Race Discrimination Claims
Obtained Favorable Summary Judgment in Action Brought by Union
Successfully Represented Client in Arbitration Involving Employee Misconduct
Successfully Defended Client Against Highly Publicized Appeal
Obtained Post-Trial Verdict for FBI in Lawsuit by Insulin-Dependent Diabetic to Become Special Agent
Defense Against Workers' Compensation Retaliation Lawsuit
Defended Against Sexual Orientation and National Origin Discrimination Suits
Defended Claims of Race Discrimination Before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
Terms of Employment Separation Negotiations
General Counsel on Personnel and Employee Discipline Matters
Defense of Discrimination Case Before Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO)
Defense of Title VII Suit
Litigation Concerning Overtime Requirements of Fair Labor Standards Act
Defended State Against Union Claims Regarding Treatment of Nursing Homes During Labor Strike
Defended Against Age, Sex and Race Discrimination Suits
Labor Negotiations and Discharge Arbitration
Defense of Discrimination Suits in Multiple States
Counsel of Companies Closing or Downsizing
Disability Discrimination Suit
Defended Reverse Discrimination Claim
Theft of Trade Secrets
Defended State and Federal Claims of Improper Employee Termination
Constitutional Law Challenges to Municipal Labor Contracts
Arbitration of Employment Discrimination Claim
Challenge to Change in Retiree Medical Insurance
Defended Claim Barred by Res Judicata


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